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Monday, November 30, 2015

Stop wishing..... Can you?

Looking back at old photos and yeah how I miss my old me.
How innocent I am, how "ganas" I am. Well, I know we can never turn back time.
I wish I could really use a wish right now. But I'm tired with those stupid wishes that I made.

p/s: Seems like I cant stop making the wishes over and over again.
*I wish my dream come true T.T



Is there something wrong with me? Am I an alien?

Why I feel so sad and alone eventho I’m surrounded by family and friends? I feel like the inside of me is different to the out and it confuses me. I feel and look happy on the outside but in my mind I don’t, I feel worried and scared and sad and I don’t know what about. I have always felt like this but the last few months have got worse. I cry so much, I sleep alot more than I used to just to shut my brain off. I feel unmotivated to do anything now but I find myself making plans for things I need to do once I further study. I constantly want to do stuff but I don’t follow through. I can’t talk to my family or friends because I don’t know what to say, I don’t know why I feel sad and happy and that makes me anxious and worries me sometimes. I’m always overthinking everything and taking on pointless problems from other people to put my worries aside. I felt like I could handle it, some days I still do.  I’m just so confused with my mind and my feelings and everything.

P/s: I dont want to care about others anymore.