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Friday, April 22, 2016

You will always be my KING, abah.

Hi blog.
Today is my abah's birthday.
So happy birthday abahhhh!
I havent wish you a happy fathers day, so heres an entry I made just for you, as a fathers day and happy birthday post! Haha.

Dear abah,
On your birthday, let me just say there are no words to express how grateful I am that you were born and that you are my dad.
Thanks for being a kind and caring father. You have given me everything that a child needs and wants all along this while.
Thank you for giving me love, care and attention, education, islamic teaching/knowledge, and all the things that I want and need as a child.
 I feel so blessed to have dad who guard and care for me since the day I was born and until now. With all thats going on in this world today, I'm thankful I get to watch you, to look up to you, being an example of a good man.
I respect you as a father, as a husband to my mom, as a son to my grandparents, as the boss at the office, as an uncle to my relatives and as a human being.
Youre an exceptional man. So strong, so wise and SO KIND!
Youre the perfect role model for a dad, a husband and a person in my eyes.
I look up to you in everything that you do, abah and I gotta say Mak is a lucky woman! (and youre lucky too, to have her!!) Haha
I always pray that one day, I'll find someone whos just like you to be my husband.
Of course, minus the garang/tegas part. Hahahahaha.
But yeah, I do look up to you there is no man whom I respect more, or whom I am more proud of!
Youve shown me how a man should be. I always compare other men to you. I look for your strength in making hard decisions that cant be avoided.
I appreciate your good character, your respect for others, your willingness to lend a helping hand even if its inconvenient for you.
You are a great man dad! You really are!
I feel so blessed to be under your wing, your protection, your care and learning important life lessons from you. What a privilege it is to observe your strength, your competence and your kindness.
Seriously, there is no man whom I respect more other than you, abah.
Throughout the years, you have worked so hard, to provide us a happy life and youve been there to help and give us advice.. and you did it all without complain and strife.
I swear to God, if all fathers in this world were like you, the world have been a very different and much better place. Hihi ^.^
You are the father I love and respect, the father who fulfills all his duties to teach, to guide, to protect. I bet if everyone had such a father , a really good dad like mine.... all the kids would be as "comel" as me. HAHAHA! Joke #jgnhentamsaya!
On your birthday I pray for all your wishes come true. I pray for your health and well being. I pray for many more succes and happiness in your life.
And let me just say it again, that there are no words to express how grateful I am that you were born and that you are my abah!
(That is one of the reason why I put my blog name as Hazwani Raslim's Blog instead of just Babywanie or wany's blog or wtv..-Its because I am really proud to be Mr Raslim's little daughter! Hahaha ;p)

Love you abah!
Lastly , when I grow up, I want to be just like you. I will try my best to follow your footsteps in every way, insha Allah. Hihi
Its truly a blessing to have you as a father. You are indeed the best Abah in the world!



Saturday, April 9, 2016

Thank you for these damn great 4 years, girls. #ByeRO

Dear blog, 
It has been a month since I wrote to you. (I guess). 
I've missed you, you heard me even you never replied me. 
I nak pot pet tonight. 
Well, I'm sorry for not updating for a longggg time. 
Many things has happened, times has passed. 
Thank you for not get boring with all my stories that I shared since 2008.
Tonight I nak story pasal housemates yang tersayang. But I tktau I kuat  ke tidak.
Mengharap air mata takkan mengalir once I writing it. 
Okay moh lah kita start. 

Having chosen to study in another state is both a thrilling yet scary experience for some. 
For me, it was something I look forward to as I could finally have the freedom that I have always longed for and the independence to make decisions for myself in whatever I do.
I swear to God,
Study dekat International Islamic College was one of the best decisions I have made. 
Thanks to my dad bcause paksa me that time.
Thank you abah.
Kalau bukan my dad paksa I study kat IIC sumpah I dont have a chance to know them and had the best housemates ever. 
Living rumah sewa gives you a new experience, I swear.
Experience that no one else can understand.
Wehhhhhhh. cuba kau bayang kan wehhh, makan sama sama. Kalau sorang tak makan, yang lain tlg suapkan. Keluar jalan sama sama sampai muat kan satu kereta jugak. Duduk beriba2. Pegi beraya sama sama. Travel sama sama. Sorang takda duit 2 3 orang yang menghulur. Takde berkira langsung. Haizz. Almost everything kitorang buat sama sama. And when I went through shit moments they were like family and had my back, even if it meant staying up till supper late just to make sure I did not "die". Sumpahh I am super duper grateful. Mana lagi nak cari housemates macam dorang niiiii. Please, patah balik masa T.T They made me feel like I was home. Wehhhh. nak koranggggggg. *nnges bawah bantal*

Okay taknak nnges. Nak stop sampai sini and post gambar dorang je. Banyak2 karang nanti aku nnges bengkak habis mata. *mmg dah bengkak dah pun*
Soooo, here we goo.

Orang pertama I kenal kat IIC. Dan org pertama jugak tau kisah kisah sedih I. Alhamdulillah sampai sekarang melekat. Mana tak nya org kata kami twin. 24/7 melekat. Org tua kata sllu melekat tu nanti muka seakan akan. So yeah. Ni lah twin I. Seorang yang baik hati. Hati nya lembut bagai kan bidadari. Hahaha. She knows me well. I tgh sedih and I tak meroyan kat mana mana laman social pun dia still tahu yang I;m not okay. Magic betul kann? First time jumpa dia time register kolej. I tgk dia sorang2 and I puji dia. Bagus nye lah budak ni register sorang2 without ada parents di sebelah? I? Sebelah kanan kiri ada org teman. Haha. Shes so independence. Yelaaa, nama pun ex TKC. Mesti lah semua benda dia pandai buat. Ingat lagi time nak amek kunci bilik, dia dok sebelah and senyum kat I. Haiz minah arab ni dok senyum pulak dgn aku. Tau lah cantik. Haha. Dah sampai UIA tgk bilik, ada dia. Wehh, apa lagi, tego lah dia. The moment that I will never never forget. Perangai dia? Sebijik mcm aku? Tapi dia terlampau baik. Me? Takde lah baik sangat mcm dia. Haha. Dia ni lembut sangat, soft spoken. Jarang tgk dia marah. Dia marah pun tak nmpak dia marah. Kita gelak kan dia lagi ada lah. Ramai sangat suka dia ni. I mean suka berkawan. You guys should kenal dia. Guarantee you guys tak menyesal.
Dear Eein, 
We have been through so much together. Bila tgk gambar lama2 dekat birthday parties, weddings, travels, you are always right by my side. You have seen me at my best and my worst. Bertahun dah kenal hang. Tak sangka cepat gilaa. Pejam celik pejam celik dah besar dah hang. Thank you susah senang wany awak sllu ada. Thank you tak pernah boring melayan wany. Thank you sudi mendengar masalah wany dr first kita kenal. First2 jumpa hang dah jadi mangsa aku. Im sorry if I hurt you. Sorry kalau kata kata wany buat eein terasa. I swear, I didnt mean it. I know you well eein. Awak jenis diam bila terasa. I am so so sorry. I may not a good friend for you, but I promise I'll always be by your side if you need me Eein, I love you so much.  You are one of the kindest and most generous people I have come across in life. Thank you for the strength, the laughs, the fights. Because of you, I am where I am today. Takecare there baby. Be good. Sure kita jumpa lagi lepas ni. Bak kata eein. "wany jgn risau, wany dgn eein mesti jumpa lagi." Yelaaaa, kita kan twin. Mana boleh pisah. Wany try buat semua benda ttanpa eein. Ye wany try :'(

Tgk muka pun dah tau dia seorang yg pendiam. First kenal mcm I kenal Eein. Kami 3 orang ambik kunci serentak. Thats why lah lekat sampai skrg 3 org. Dr 2011 sampai skrg melekat. First2 sem kita rapat dgn dia, pergi mana2 dgn dia. I dgn dia sllu tinggal eein kat UIA. Kesian eein :( I sllu teman dia dating dulu. Since ex boyfriend dia tu classmate I. So kitorang pun sllu hang out sekali. Sllu hang out pun dlm tak perasan I buat dia banyak kali terasa. Im sorry nik. :( I know that was my fault. I am so so sorry. Dia ni first2 nak ckp dgn dia I takut. Sbb dia macam nak taknak berkawan. Lepas kenal  dia ni baik org nya. I dgn eein cukup takut bila dtg katil dia. Ye laaa nama pun satu bilik kann. Nak lah tego each other. I dgn eein dah mmg peramah dah. Haha. Ayat first I describe dia, I ckp "budak ni comel, tapi garang" Mana tak nya I ckp dia garang. Time nak pi amek kunci I dgn dia serentak berdiri pastu dia suruh I pergi dulu, I suruh dia pergi dulu. Pastu I mengalah sbb nada dia mcm marah I. Lepas kenal baru tau. Dia mmg mcm tu. Tak garang punnn. Dia takut and nervous time tu. Haha. Suka tgk cara dia. Suka tgk muka dia, sbb muka dia sangat lah baby face. Ohmaii. Kalau lahh aku laki, dah lama ngorat. Hahaha. Dia sangat pendiam. Dia cakap bila perlu. Dan hati dia pun lembut mcm kapas. Hati lembut, tapi dia tak boleh menanges. Dia sedih tapi dia tak boleh keluar air mata. Kadang2 kesian tgk dia. Sbb dia sangat susah keluarkan air mata. Kitorang tau dia tgh sedih, tapi tu lahh. Sapa yg tak kenal dia mesti org ingat dia ni takde masalah. Hehe. Tgh sem baru kitorang start rapat. Baru mcm satu kepala. Sbb dulu I rasa dia mcm tak boleh terima perangai I. Ye laaa I ni terlampau peramah sgt. Cakap pun nak kuat aje. Hahaha. Tp I am so lucky dapat kenal dia. Sbb sllunya org pendiam ni allergic dgn org byk ckp, mesti rasa annoying dgn mulut banyak ni. Tapi dia tak. Dia layan kan aje. 

Dear nikira, 
Nikkkkkkk, seems like I couldnt stop to say sorryyyyy. Hmm. I am sorry kalau wany bukan kawan yang baik for nikira. Thank you for always be my side. Thank you tak pernah lupa wany. I'll always remember you eventho youre so far away from me :( Nnti kita jumpa bila bila. Nikira, wany doa kan kebahagian nik. Nikira jangan sedih2. Wany tahu nikira kuat. Wany dgn eein sllu ada untuk kira. Kira, tq tak pernah boring dgr cerita2 merepek wany, dgr semua berangan wany. Thank you sllu ada time wany tgh sedih dulu. Tq bagi wany happy selama wany kat rumah oren ni. Tq sangat2. Remember this, eventho kita jauh, wany tak pernah lupa nikira. I am sorry if i hurt you selama kita kenal. So so sorry. I love you so much nik. No one can replace my pau. Do takecare of yourslef there. Semoga nikira dapat kebahagian nikira. I'll always support you baby :* You truly are my bestfriend, and it is evident that time will never change that. dont be sad baby. Muah!

Jue dan natrah. Sorry weh gabung kan nama sekali. Haha. Wehhh dua org ni dr UIA smpai skrg melekat. Ye laa course pun sama2, rumah sama2, bilik pun sama2. Confirm lah melekat teruk. First time jumpa dua org ni tak banyak cakap eventho satu bilik dgn dorang kat UIA. Kitorang mcm musuh. Haha. Sbb mulut aku punya pasai. Ye laa kdg2 tak semua org boleh terima kita kan. Tapi tu lahh. Jue, im sorry wany sllu bising. Mahappppp. Mulut wany mmg suka bising. :( Jumpa jue and nat ni time kt bilik lah. Npak sopan org nya. Dua org ni lah contoh student islamic. Haha. Berpakaian sopan, cakap pun sopan. Lama2 kenal dorang, baru boleh terima perangai masing2. Ye laa, kena paksa terima jugak, sbb pindah rumah sewa kena duduk sekali for 2 year 8 months. So nak taknak kena terima jugak baik buruk. Hahahaha. Kenal dorang sumpah tak rugi. Pulak si natrah ni. Suka ejek dia sbb dia pelat. Si jue ni suka dgr  masalah I bila I cerita kat eein. Haha. Pastu masalah I sama dgn dia tapi dia taknak bercerita. Nampak tak jue ni seorang yg pendiam jugak? Dah lama2 kenal dia baru lah dia bercerita problem dia. Cepat je masa berlalu. Jue ni dah kahwin dah pun. Nak ada anak dah. Haizzz. Cepat nye lahaii. Boleh tak nak putar balik masa? :( 
Ju dgn nat ni, dorang mcm kakak adik. Sbb pergi mana2 mesti sekali. Hahaha. And dua org ni jugak tak rajin keluar. Suka duduk rumah. Bagus kannn? Hahaha. Weh rinduu korangggg. Bila nak jumpa lagi. :( Serious, wany sayang korang eventho dah berapa tahun kita tak duduk sekali. Wany happy dapat kenal korang. Jue nanti dah ada baby jangan lupa bagitau. Dulu pernah berangan nak amek anak angkat dekat rumah oren. Kita semua konon nya nak jaga bergilir2. Hahahaha. Thank you girls for everything. Thank you so much. I love you both. Muah!

Oiiii rabi pondannnn. Dia ni satu satu nya pengkid yang aku pernah kenal lepas aku sekolah perempuan kat sabah dulu. Weiii 2 tahun wehh aku tak jumpa pengkid after form 3, lepas habis sekolah aku jumpa dia. Hahahha. Kenal dia time kat bilik UIA jugak. Ok skrg dah complete roomates I time kat UIA. Eein, nikira, jue, natrah, rabi and mek. Sorry mek I tak bubuh sbb sempat kenal dia tak smpai 1 sem. Dia dah berhenti kolej dah. Haha. Ha back to si pengkid ni. Tgk je muka macho tapi penakut. Haha. Perangai kalah perempuan asli. Nak jd pengkid tapi perangai pompuan. Macam mana tu? Haha. Si rabi ni sangat lah suka drama. Pelik2 je dia ni. Tp I suka lah kawan dgn dia. Sbb perangai dia buat kita gelak. Pengkid tapi takut macam2. Hahaha. Time first kenal dia kat bilik dia tak bukak langsung tudung okehhh. I ckp lah awat hang tak bukak tudung. Ada jantan ka sini. Dia senyum2. Dlm hati syak dia ni botak. Hahaha. sbb tak nampak sanggul langsung bila pakai tudung. Lama2 tu dia bukak tudung. I pun dah agak dia ni mesti pengkid. Sbb cara dia ckp acah2 ada biji kat tekak. Kahkah! Kau bayangkan eyyyy, first2 kenal dah mesej aku tnya aku layan ke tak pengkid? Gilaaa dia ni. Aku straight wehh. Takde belok2. Haha. First tu agak awkward lah nak pakai singlet and short pant depan dia. Bila dah lama2 kenal dia, cehhhhhhh perangai pompuan acah pengkid. Hahahahaha. Papepun aku happy dpt kenal kau rabi eventho kau pernah ajak aku couple. Haha. Bodoh tau kau ni! Aim pun org yg salah. Hahaha. Dia ni bagus. Kat UIA, dia ni lah tukang cuci baju aku, tukang kemas katil aku, tukang jaga aku sakit. Sbb apa? konon nya nak tackle aku lah tu. HAHAHA. Rindu kau bodohhhhh!

Ni kitorang panggil dia nik nini. D sbb kan ada dua org nama nik kitorang letak nikira and nik nini. Sbb apa nama nik nini? Sbb nama fesbuk dia dulu nikthenini. Haha. Macam mana kenal dia? Awal2 rumah oren kami pindah. Haha. Dia satu batch dgn I tapi tak pernah nampak dia kat kolej, kat UIA pun tak pernah nampak. Haha. Mmg first2 kenal dia kat rumah sewa. Macam mana eh nak ckp? First kenal dia kitorang tak byk ckp. Tak bersembang pun. Haha. Tapi dia ni suka pandang org smpai ternganga habis mulut. Haha. Selalu kena tegur, "nik, tutup mulut". Hahaha. Lama2 duduk rumah tu baru lah rapat, kenal dia. Kitorang start rapat time I kenal kan dia dgn kawan I kat penang. Since tu lah apa2 kitorang sekali. Haha. Teman dia pergi sana sini. At first kitorang ni mcm banyak sgt konflik. Haha. Mcm tak satu kepala. Ada je nak gaduh. Dia ni suka sangat tweet time dulu2. Bila tnya ada masalah dia kata takde. I pun pening. Hahaha. Tapi apa2 pun I happy dapat kenal dia. Kalau dia ckp kuantan tu, amek kauuuu. Pekat gila. Kekeh I ketawa. Kitorang byk kali gaduh pun lama2 ok sendiri. Ye laaa nama pun housemate kan. Gilaa nak gaduh lama2. Sayang tu mesti ada lah. Ye dok? Dia ni nak kahwin dah. Bulan 5 ni. Guess what? I akan jadi one of her bridesmaid. Kira nya I terpenting lah kan time hari bahagia dia? Haha. 
Dear nik nini,
thank you for everything. tq bagi wany gelak selama kita kenal. Sorry kalau ada salah and silap. Gaduh teruk, maki hamun mcm mana pun kita tetap ok. Ye laa, 2 tahun lebih duduk sebumbung. Baik buruk masing2 tahu. But kita still boleh terima perangai masing2 kann. Jadi isteri yang solehah nanti tauu? Be a good girl. Jangan stress2 nanti bila dah nak jadi isteri org tu. Insha Allah lepas jadi isteri org masalah semua kurang. Aamin. Takecareeee. Muah!

Kecik! Yes kecik. Tapi tu dulu lah, skrg dia dah gemuk sikit. And sure dia tgh ckp "cibai" bila dia baca ni. Hahaha. Tapi pelik, sampai skrg kitorang panggil dia kecik padahal skrg aku lg kecik dr dia. Hahahahaha. Cik cik dont mawah mawah yerrr. First kenal dia? Kat desa view hostel lepas UIA and sebelum stay rumah sewa. Korang tgk dia comel je kannnn? Sekali tgk perangaiiiii. Haaaa amek kauuuu! Mulut pedas, suka kentut merata, suka jilat pipi org, semua ada kat dia. Dia ni kalau dah tido kejut pun taknak bangun. Dia start masuk rumah oren lepas berbulan kitorang duduk rumah tu. (I dont really remember the exact date.) Sbb sllu nampak dia berkeliaran kat kedai makan. So time tu pulak dia tgh mencari rumah sewa. Kami pun ajak dia stay sekali since kitorang dah kenal dia time desa view. Dia ni si rabi pengkid tadi pun nak pernah try jugak. HAHA. Kesiann betul. Tapi rabi rajin melayan si kecik ni. Kecik ni korang should kenal dia wehhh. Annoying dia tahap gila babeng. Tapi annoying dia jugak lah nnti kitorang rindu. :'( Dia ni annoying tapi dia baik. Shes a good friend. Ada bila kita perlukan kawan. Kalau kita tak cari dia, dia tak cari kita, Tapi bila kita perlukan dia, dia selalu ada. Dia lahh yang meriah  kan rumah oren tu. Eventho kadang2 annoying. Tapi mcm I ckp. Annoying dia tu lah yang nanti semua rumah oren rindu. Hmmmm. Takde dah nakdgr sendawa mcm dugong. Takde dah nak dgr dia menjerit. Takde dh nak dgr dia kentut mcm keretapi. K tipu. Hahahhaa. Selama kenal dia, lebih banyak ketawa dr menanges. Tu pun sbb sikap dia yang annoyed tuu. 

Dear kecik,
Wany rindu gigi kecik :'( Thank you jadi kawan wany. Thank you jaga wany bila wany sakit. Thank you selalu caring. Dulu bila sakit laju jeee awak ambik ubat bagi wany makan. Dulu bila wany nanges laju je kecik tanya wany kenapa? Ok tak? Im sorry kalau wany ada salah dan silap. Its okay. Aku dah maaf kan kau dah pun. Hahaha. Kecikk. Jaga diri kat sana. Jangan marah marah. Wany tahu LDR is sucks, tapi sayang yang akan main peranan. Jangan fikir negative sangat. Nnti takde sape dah nak lap air mata kecik bila kecik nnges. Nnti takde sape dah nak tgk kecik baling teddy bear kat luar balcony. Nnti takde sape dah dgr kecik menanges kat toilet.  Hmm. Sedihhhh :'( I cant believe  that you really leave me. Selalu nya balik malam2 kecik dgn cipa sllu tak tido lagi. Ohmaiiii. Do takecare of yourself there. Jangan ikutkan hati sangat. Nnti kalau sangkut paper jumpa buulan depan. Make sure ehhh! Hahahahahaha. Kbaiiii. I love you cik cuk cam. Thank you for being a great friend. Muah!

Dia niii first time jumpa dia, sangat peramah ehh. Tanya macam2 kat kita. Minat justin bieber tak? Minat tu tak? Minat ini tak? Dia sangat lah obses dgn JB dia. Haha. I minat jugak, tapi tak seminat dia. Hahaha. Dia satu2 nya housemate yang bawak kereta pergi kolej. First kenal bestttt. Dia bawak pergi mcm2 tempat. I suka dia punya lawak jenaka. Ada jee benda dia nak buat lawak. Pulak2 bila dia buat lagu sendiri. Onthe spot pulak tu idea dia. Ohmaiiii. Im gonna miss her joke. Dia ni kalau gabung dgn si kecik sumpah perfect. Hati dia ni lembut mcm kapas. Dia kuat nanges jugak. Tapi dia nnges tak tunjuk. Hehe. Boleh tahu dia tgh sedih pun bila dia tweet ayat2 sedih. Tu dah tau dia mesti  tgh tak ok. Dia ni kena kenal dia dulu, baru tahu perangai dia. Tgk je sombong tapi tak punn. Dia ni pemalu org nya. HAHA. Dia suka sangat tlg org. Korang should kenal dia jugakkk. I swear to God, korang takkan menyesal kenal semua housemates I. Hahaha.

Dear cipa, 
You are very kind person. Thank you banyak tlg wany. Thank you ada time wany  nak mengadu. Thank you bila wany lapar cipa bawak p makan. Thank you hantar setiap pagi wany pergi kerja. I owe you big time girl! Nanti takde sape dah wany nak teman roks. Tgk korang roks. Hmmm. Im sorry if I hurt you. Im sorry kalau wany ada salah silap. I promise you girls are the best I ever had. Thank you sabar dgn perangai wany. Thank you melayan mulut potppet wany. Thank you sanggup tadah telinga dgn suara wany yang kuat. Haha. Please repeat paper so that kita boleh jumpa kat kolej nanti. Haha. Kbaiiiiii. I love youuuuuuu. Muah!

Nama dia syadea. Kitorang panggil dia dea je. First kenal dia from kakak dia, cipa. Cipa kan peramah. Suka tanya itu ini. Ingat lagi time tu nak tido dah, cipa panggil I semata2 nak tnya, "percaya tak ini adik kita" sambil tunjuk gambar this girl. Pastu I pun tgk, I ckp percaya. Sbb mata dorang sama. Muka pun sama. Haa, time tu first nampak dia lah. Cipa cerita sikit2 pasal syadea ni. Time tu lah tau sikit2 pasal dia. Haha. First time jumpa masa I ikut cipa jumpa kak mal and sekali gus dgn adik dia ni. Adik dia dtg kl. Lepak sekali kat kedai depan kubur. First jumpa kitorang tak tego langsung. Dlm hati macam nak tego. Tp takut. Hahaha, Sbb sebelum ni I peramah org tak boleh terima. So, I pun behave sikit that time. Time dia intern kat KL, I balik penang sbb I dh habis study. So I tak dan nak rapat dgn dia and tak pernah rapat pun sebelum ni. Tego2 mcm tu je. Ye laaa kami tak pernah duduk sebumbung. Sbb tu tak rapat. Tapi sllu jumpa sbb bila I turun KL mesti jumpa dia and pergi mana2 pun ada dia jugak. Ingat lagi first time puji dia kat PD. Time tu mcm sesi luah perasaan. Hahaha. Dia ni kalau keluar dgn dia, tenggelam habis. Mata org lain pandang dia jaaa, Sbb cantik sgt. Hot sangat. I pun takut bila keluar dgn dia. Haha. Dia ni kalau dia takde mood jangan lah dok dekat dgn dia. Sekali dia keluar mulut pedas dia amek kauuuu. Dia ni nampak je sombong. Kenal dia baru tau dia ni pun gila gila mcm kakak dia jugak. I suka cara dia dgn kakak dia rapat. Ye laa beza pun setahun je kann. Mmg rapat lah. Mcm kawan je dorang adik beradik ni.

Dear syadea,
Deaaaaaaaaa, tq jadi kawan wany. Tq dengar time wany tak betul. Tq melayan sesi luahan wany. Tq semua nyaaaaa. Tq jugak amek hantar wany kerja. Tq biarkan kaki wany kat badan syadea. Im sorry sbb tido ganas sangat. :( Hmmmm. Please jumpa lepas nii. Tak cukup lagi nak dgr korang tiga bergabung buat wany gelak sampai sakit perut. Hmmmm. Gonna miss you girl. Jaga diri. Jgn makan hati. Hahaha. Mcm lagu pulak. Takecare tau babyy. Jumpa bila bila. Kalau rindu hantar lahh video snapchat korangggg. Love youu. Muah!

Paling best pasal dia ni dia orang pertama I rasa yang tak cakap I sombong sebelum kenal. Mostly orang tak kenal I confirm kata I sombong. Pdahal I ok je dgn semorang. Boleh go je dgn budak baik, budak gila, semua I boleh masuk. Haha. Tp dgn akak kita ni, dia maybe boleh nilai org. Hahaha. Dia umo paling tua dekat rumah oren. So I panggil dia kak mal. Dia ni single lagi tau. Rugi gilaaa sapa tak amek dia jd wife. Sbb masakan dia perggggg debommmmm. Okay! I rindu cendawan goreng dia T.T Dia ni first time jumpa from cipa. Best dpt kenal kakak yang tua dr kita ni. Sbb dia berpengalaman lebih dr kita kan. So bila kita gaduh dgn bf ke ape dia lah yg bg nasihat. Hee. Dia ni\ pun kadang melayan je otak gila adik2 dia. Haha. Kesian dia kena layan karenah adik2 dia. Banyak sangat karenah nya. 

Dear kak mal, 
Thank you selama kita kenal kak mal bagi wany makan and masak sedap2. Mesti rindu masakan kak mal lepas ni. Hmmmmmmm. Sorry kak mal kalau kak mal terpaksa melayan karenah wany. Nk tu nak ni. Youre the best sister kat rumah oren nii. Kitorang mesti rindu masakan kak mal nanti. Wany doakan kak mal bahagia dan dapat kebahagiaan kak mal. Hati jgn sedih. Insha Allah, Allah turun kan kebahagiaan buat kak mal. Aaminn. Takecare kak mal. I miss you and I love you. Muah!

Heyyyy! Sarah raeesa. Sampai skrg I confuse how to spell her name. Hahaha. Haizzzz. Dia ni pun ex TKC jugak. Eein's bestfriend. Well, nama pun I dgn eein kembar. So cara tak langsung Sarah ni pun bestfriend I jugak. Hahaha. Sarah ni first time jumpa dia sangat jauh beza dgn dia skrg eh, I am so proud of her. Dia punya aim nak kurus tuuu, perghhhhh. GRED A wehhh I bagi. Dulu dgn skrg sangat lah beza. Tapi kenapa eh lemak dia taknak derma kat I? Putus kawan ahh mcmni. Hahaha. Sarah ni seorang yang sangat lah manja. Dia ni nama je anak sulung. Dia punya manja Ya Allah, kalah anak bongsu. Hahaha. And dia ni degil tauu. Korang kalau tgk Fakta anak bongsu haa, semua ada kat dia. Hahaha. I suka kawan dgn dia sbb dia baik sangattt. Tpi tak suka dgr cakap org, Korang nasihat lah mcm mana pun, tetap dgn pendirian dia sendiri. Its okayyy. As long as shes happy I pun happy jugak. Dia ni sekejap je stay ruamh oren. Pastu lepas dia smbung msu dia pindah rumah lain. but still dia jenguk melawat rumah oren. Dia ni pun kadang2 otak senget jugak. Hmmm. Tbh, I rindu nak tido dgn dia :(

Dear sar,
Sar thank you for being a great friend. Taknak mintak lebih. Cukup lah wany ada sar. And sar tak lupa wany. Babyyy, do takecare of yourself especially hati awak. Hmmm. please :'( Wany tak suka sar sedih2. First wany kenal sar sampai sekarang ada jeee org buat sar. Jangan jadi baik sgt. Nnti org pijak kepala. Please. I miss you baby. See you when you see me. I love you so much. Muah!

Minah ni first time nampak dia kat desa view. I 2 3 kali usha dia. Sbb muka dia mcm bimbo. Hahaha. Tapi tak pernah tegur. Sampai lahh dia kawan dgn si kecik pastu kitorang selalu lepak taman. So situ lah dapat kenal dia sikit2. Dia ni I taktau nak describe ape. Cuma I tau si dyba ni suka jadi diri sendiri. I suka cara dia. Dia ni kadang2 lembs mcm I jugak. Suka jd bahan ketawa. Hahaha. Jgn terkejut ok kalau dia bukak spender bra dpn muka korang. dia kisah apa. Hahaha. Well, dia mengguna kan dgn sikap "pergi mampos". Dia tak kisah apa org nak cakap pasal dia. Hahaha. Tu satu I suka cara dia.

Dear dyba,
Dybaaaaaaaaaaa. Rinduuuuuuu. Rindu nak gelak2. Pleasee jumpa lagi lepas ni. Tak puas hari tuu nak gelak and dengar dyba buat lawak bodoh. Hahaha. Take care baby kat sana. Untung lahh dok shah alam ada org jaga. Fuhhh. Hahaha. I love you babyyy. Muah!

And adik adik kat rumah oren, kak wany sayang korang eventho kak wany sllu tinggal korang. Balik penang skjp, pastu dtg balik KL. Sorry kalau adik adik banyak terasa dgn kak wanyy. Eka, fyda, yana, safa, aida, jaga diri korang. Belajar elok2, bagi dpt result gempak. Nnti bulan 5 nampak kak wany kat kolej tego2 lah yer. To yana, jaga rumah oren elok2, Im gonna miss you baby. Do takecare of yourself. I love every one of you. 

#MemoriesRumahOren The exciting part is bila masing2 balik from semester break and the house is no longer quite again. and if you girls are reading this I am gonna miss you girls so much! T.T


Monday, March 21, 2016

Wany goes to Johor-Singapore-Melaka

Wany is back! Yayyyy.
Cuba teka apa I nak pot pet kali ni?
Tgk tajuk pun dah tau ape I nak pot pet kat dalam ni kannn.
Sooooo. I nak cerita from day 1 sampai lah habis trip kitorang ni, since sekarang I taktau nak buat apa. Bosan teruk hari ni. Hm.
So here we gooooo.

Day 1.
Woke up at 8:00 am dan settle barang yg belum habis dipacking last night. (wany mmg macam tu)
Lepas tu kami beli nasi lemak breakfast siap2 before gerak. Time pagi tu I tak rasa excited sangat sbb mcm sedih jeeeee. Taktau kenapa. Haha. (Maybe sbb pergi takde partner kot. Haha) Bila dah start naik kereta baru terasa excited. (sbb baru rasa road trip)
Lepas tu kitorang singgah giant permata to buy some food for road trip and simpan utk pergi singapore since duit malaysia mcm tah pape. So kitorang bawak dr KL je makanan utk singapore. Haha. Jimatssss kannnnn? Mmg kitorang nak berjimat pun pergi sana. So lepas habis shopping and tukar duit kat giant tu kitorang pun gerak lah ke johor. Around 4pm sampai johor. Sampai2 terus check in kat Golden leaf Hotel. Quite besar jugak lah bilik dia. Sbb kitorang amek family room. Tak sempat nak golek2 rehat kitorang terus gerak jalan2 pergi danga bay. Lepak2, selfies, sembang2 pastu plan lepas tu nak pergi mana. Dah nak magrib tu kitorang pun gerak lah from danga bay tu and cari tempat makan. I tak sure nama tempat kami makan tu. Haha. Lepas2 makan tu kitorang pergi balik lepak kat  danga bay tu. Main apa yang patut kat fun fair tu. Haha. Actually tak lah best sangat kat danga bay tu. Bagi I tu kalau tempat dating taktau nak pergi mana boleh lah pergi danga bay tu. Hahaha. Lepas lepak and berposing kat fun fair tu, kitorang pun decided nak balik hotel and sambung activity yg kitorang plan. Guess what apa activity kitorang di bilik? BEAN BOOZLED CHALLENGE! Godddddd. What a nightmare challenge yknow! Ohmaiiiiiiii. But quite funnnnnn lahhhh main dgn benda tu. Hahaha. Tapi cer teka sapa yg still bertahan dgn challenge tu? I okehhhh yang still bertahan! Hahaha. Well, hazwani kann. Tu pun nasib dapat yang semua ok. Hahaha. Lepas main benda alah tu masing2 masuk bilik masing2. Warning awal2 esok kena bangun before 7. Around 1am masing2 tutup lampu and masing zzzzzzz. Haha.

 Dah sampai hotel yayyy.

 The Gang


 My one and only twinnie.

Okay okay lah danga bay ni. Haha

Challenge paling sucks i tell you. Haha.

Day 2.
Its time to enjoy and having fun with the squad! Yayyyyyy! Bangun2 terus siap but still fikir nak pakai baju apa. Hahaha. Boleh pulak dilema nak pakai baju apa that day.  End up I bawak baju spare. (Bangang nye lahai) Hahaha. Dlm pukul 8 mcm tu rasanya kitorang dapat naik bas. Dlm bas tu I sempat tido lagi kottt. Bangun2 dah smpai checkpoint. Haha. Pastu dlm 10 minit sampai imigresen. Queue punya laaa panjangggg. Haizzz. Bersabar je nak tunggu. Haha. I wonder mcm mana pegawai kat imegresen tu boleh tahan kerja mcm tu. Patut lah mostly org ckp pekerja kat imigresen singapore semua kerek2. Senyum mcm nak taknak senyum. Pastu agak rude jugak cara dia tanya kita. But is okay. Maybe tangan dia lenguh or penat dok cop2 passport tu. Hahaha. Dlm pukul 10.45am mcm tu kitorang pun sampai lah tempat destinasi yg kitorang tuju. Hahaha. Sampai2 je singapore nawhhh nampak je the globe tuu apa lagi. Tempat yg wajib org berposing kat sana. Haha. Lepas dah puas tngkap gmbar, posing sakan kitorang pun masuk lah nak main semua yg ada kat dlm uss tu. Ohmaiiii, First ride I main is transformers. Sumpah best. I loikeeeeee. It worth to queue panjang panjang. Bagi I lah. Since that time I tak naik lagi semua ride kat sana. And the second ride pappppppppp mood tukar jadi fobia. Ohmaiiiii. Tau tak kenapa tetiba mood jadi fobia? I main roller coaster yg the blue one tuuuuu. The cylone kalau I tak silap. Wehhh. Fobia dia sampai I naik bas pun still boleh rasa badan I melayang. I know ramai org suka naik tu. For me it quite scary. I rasa badan I melayang kat atas tu. I dgn kawan I siap lawan jerit okehhhh. Lepas je naik roller coaster tu dorang ajak naik mammi. And dorang tak bagi I pejam mata naik benda alah tu sbb kawan2 I cakap ride dia pun mcm roller coaster. K foineddddd. Nak taknak kena naik jugak. Beratur punya beratur k fineeee kena jugak naik. The mammi tu besttttt. Tapi still fobia. Hahaha. Macam2 lah I masuk dalam uss tu. Tapi tak semua. Lepas main2 dalam tu Perut pun rasa lapar. Plus time tu hujan kann. Perut pun memanggil makanan. Kitorang pergi lah makan satu restaurant tu. Ok ok lah price kat sana. And I beli satu baju je. Haha. Buat kenangan beli something kat sana. Hewhew. Dalam pukul 7 lebih tu kitorang pun gerak lah balik. Bas pun dah sampai semua. Naik2 bas terus Zzzzzzz. Sampai johor terus cari tempat makan. Makan2, masuk hotel, masing2 pengsan. Hahaha.

 Nak tgk full video? Click sini

Day 3
Paling benci bila hari last. Benci back to basic. Haha. Kitorang check out around 11 kot. Pastu breakfast area hotel then terus gerak JPO. Apa barang pergi johor tak singgah JPO kann? Haha. Cuci cuci mata kat sana konon taknak membazir. Membazir jugak. But but membazir I pun ada faedah jugak okehh. I shopping kat sana I beli barang hantaran. Haha. So I tak boleh guna barang tu sampai lah I kahwin. Kahkahkah. So simpan je lah barang tu. Berjam jugak  lah kitorang kat sana, Tak cukup shopping sana kitorang gerak MPO pulak. Melaka punya. Sekejap je kitorang pergi MPO sbb I dah pernah pergi sebelum ni. I just shopping kat elianto je. Taknak smpai malam sangat KL kitorang pun gerak balik. Hantar my friend kat bangi sekali gus dinner kat sana je. Pukul 1 jugak lah sampai rumah. Sampai2 tak tidur. Sembang2 dulu. Dah agak penat tu kitorang pun dah start nak pengsan. Hewhew.

Bye Johor. See you when I see you. 

P/s: Thank you Hairul (Friend from singapore) for your every effort to make things going well. And thank you for being the best photographer for us. Next trip please join kitorang lagi. Hehe.

wany raslim

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I really do.



Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sakit Hati

Ya Allah. Tgk prev entries sakit hati sbb gambar semua takde.
Cepat sangat hazwani ni melatah. Tangan laju je nak mendelete album blog.
Sumpah I tak pernah tahu pun everytime kita upload gambar dkt blog gambar masih ada eventho kita dah delete the entries tu. So tadi saje lah belek2  kat google+ and nak upload default picture pastu saje tekan "photo from blog" and guest whattt? Ya Allah banyaknya gambar tak perlu I tgk dahhh. Malu pun ada tgk gmbar di zaman tak matang lagi. Aduuhaiiiii. Scroll bawah punya bawah papppp jari laju je tekan delete. I thought delete that photo je. Sekali dgn album2 blog dia padam. So nawhhh amek previous entries I semua keluar gambar mcm tahi ayam. *nanges bawah bantal*

So the conclusion is, jangan cepat melatah ye hazwani. Nk buang 2 3 4 gambar terbuang 200+ gambar terus. Paling sayang gambar conversation I dgn boyfriend I time awal2 kami bercinta. Itu yang penting sebenarnya. Hahaha.Tapi nak buat mcm mana. Takde rezeki nak throwback 3 years ago. Haha.
So gambar ni je yang sempat I selamatkan. 

Satu gambar je okayyyy yang dapat diselamatkannnnn. Sedih okehhhh? Hmmmmm.


Monday, November 30, 2015

Stop wishing..... Can you?

Looking back at old photos and yeah how I miss my old me.
How innocent I am, how "ganas" I am. Well, I know we can never turn back time.
I wish I could really use a wish right now. But I'm tired with those stupid wishes that I made.

p/s: Seems like I cant stop making the wishes over and over again.
*I wish my dream come true T.T



Is there something wrong with me? Am I an alien?

Why I feel so sad and alone eventho I’m surrounded by family and friends? I feel like the inside of me is different to the out and it confuses me. I feel and look happy on the outside but in my mind I don’t, I feel worried and scared and sad and I don’t know what about. I have always felt like this but the last few months have got worse. I cry so much, I sleep alot more than I used to just to shut my brain off. I feel unmotivated to do anything now but I find myself making plans for things I need to do once I further study. I constantly want to do stuff but I don’t follow through. I can’t talk to my family or friends because I don’t know what to say, I don’t know why I feel sad and happy and that makes me anxious and worries me sometimes. I’m always overthinking everything and taking on pointless problems from other people to put my worries aside. I felt like I could handle it, some days I still do.  I’m just so confused with my mind and my feelings and everything.

P/s: I dont want to care about others anymore.