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Friday, April 22, 2016

You will always be my KING, abah.

Hi blog.
Today is my abah's birthday.
So happy birthday abahhhh!
I havent wish you a happy fathers day, so heres an entry I made just for you, as a fathers day and happy birthday post! Haha.

Dear abah,
On your birthday, let me just say there are no words to express how grateful I am that you were born and that you are my dad.
Thanks for being a kind and caring father. You have given me everything that a child needs and wants all along this while.
Thank you for giving me love, care and attention, education, islamic teaching/knowledge, and all the things that I want and need as a child.
 I feel so blessed to have dad who guard and care for me since the day I was born and until now. With all thats going on in this world today, I'm thankful I get to watch you, to look up to you, being an example of a good man.
I respect you as a father, as a husband to my mom, as a son to my grandparents, as the boss at the office, as an uncle to my relatives and as a human being.
Youre an exceptional man. So strong, so wise and SO KIND!
Youre the perfect role model for a dad, a husband and a person in my eyes.
I look up to you in everything that you do, abah and I gotta say Mak is a lucky woman! (and youre lucky too, to have her!!) Haha
I always pray that one day, I'll find someone whos just like you to be my husband.
Of course, minus the garang/tegas part. Hahahahaha.
But yeah, I do look up to you there is no man whom I respect more, or whom I am more proud of!
Youve shown me how a man should be. I always compare other men to you. I look for your strength in making hard decisions that cant be avoided.
I appreciate your good character, your respect for others, your willingness to lend a helping hand even if its inconvenient for you.
You are a great man dad! You really are!
I feel so blessed to be under your wing, your protection, your care and learning important life lessons from you. What a privilege it is to observe your strength, your competence and your kindness.
Seriously, there is no man whom I respect more other than you, abah.
Throughout the years, you have worked so hard, to provide us a happy life and youve been there to help and give us advice.. and you did it all without complain and strife.
I swear to God, if all fathers in this world were like you, the world have been a very different and much better place. Hihi ^.^
You are the father I love and respect, the father who fulfills all his duties to teach, to guide, to protect. I bet if everyone had such a father , a really good dad like mine.... all the kids would be as "comel" as me. HAHAHA! Joke #jgnhentamsaya!
On your birthday I pray for all your wishes come true. I pray for your health and well being. I pray for many more succes and happiness in your life.
And let me just say it again, that there are no words to express how grateful I am that you were born and that you are my abah!
(That is one of the reason why I put my blog name as Hazwani Raslim's Blog instead of just Babywanie or wany's blog or wtv..-Its because I am really proud to be Mr Raslim's little daughter! Hahaha ;p)

Love you abah!
Lastly , when I grow up, I want to be just like you. I will try my best to follow your footsteps in every way, insha Allah. Hihi
Its truly a blessing to have you as a father. You are indeed the best Abah in the world!



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