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Monday, July 7, 2014

Put myself in someone's shoes

Girls are just unpredictable and unexplicable. 

Sometimes, even the girl, herself don't really know what she wants, what she needs!
I came across a situation like this:
The guy asked: "Baby, are you mad at me?"
The girl says: "Nothing. I'm fine"
*but the girl's face shown everything and her arms are crossed so tight that she might explode!*

To be fair, I have to stand at the guys' side this time. 
Guys are just normal human being like girls.
They aren't mind readers and things might just get worse when they made a not-so-smart guess.

Guys are guys.
Most of them tend to be sensitive towards feelings and emotions.
However, guys do have feelings. 
Just that they express it in another way.
Unlike girls, we can just CRY OUT LOUD 
and nobody can say a thing about it.
While guys tend to weep when alone if they feel hurt or when they're going through a loss in life.
It's true however that most man are quite defiant about expressing emotions in public or even in front of their partners at times.

However, even we(the girls) are kinda unreasonable SOMETIMES.
What we want aren't something big like
the moon in the sky or a ring with super big diamond on it.
We just need your attention, a simple affirmation or maybe just a hug.

A small gesture like that can mean a world to us :)(: